DMG2IMG is an Apple’s compressed dmg to standard (hfsplus) image disk file convert tool.


  • dmg2img-1.6.6:
    06 February 2017 Peter Wu
    • Fixed a crash on invalid block signature
  • dmg2img-1.6.5:
    23 July 2013 vu1tur
    • Fixed a bug in handling some types of dmg files
  • dmg2img-1.6.4:
    25 April 2012 vu1tur
    • Compilation bugfix (Linux)
  • dmg2img-1.6.3:
    07 April 2012 vu1tur
    • Added option -l to list partitions
    • Added option -p to extract only specific partition
    • Added support for a rare case scenario of koly block being at the the beginning of the image (thanks to Friik)
  • dmg2img-1.6.2:
    24 March 2010 vu1tur
    • Fixed a bug in processing a terminal block type
    • Added periodic flushing of debug log file
  • dmg2img-1.6.1
    12 August 2009 vu1tur
    • Fixed a bug in handling large files on win32 systems
  • dmg2img-1.6
    15 April 2009 vu1tur
    • Added support for dmg images that only have binary resource fork but no XML plist
    • Refined koly block processing
    • Fixed a bug in finding the offset for the next compressed block when offsets are defined relative to the current partition
    • Fixed broken progress indicator
    • Added detection of images with GUID Partition Table and respective mount commands in linux
  • dmg2img-1.5.1
    11 April 2009 vu1tur
    • Added missing zero block type
    • Small fixes and clean up
  • dmg2img-1.5
    8 April 2009 vu1tur
    • Fixed a bug in parsing partition list from plist
    • Added support for ADC-compressed DMG images
  • dmg2img-1.4.1
    6 April 2009 vu1tur
    • Fixed a bug in writing the output file that caused some DMG images to convert to a broken unmountable IMG image
  • dmg2img-1.4
    5 April 2009 Jean-Pierre Demailly
    • Applied patch from Vladimir ‘phcoder’ Serbinenko which brings correct handling of 64bit integers in koly signature and plist data, and should enable dmg2img to work on huge archives > 4GBytes (tested by ‘phcoder’)>
    • Added support for dmg archives involving bzip2 instead of zlib compression (this has not received much testing yet, as those archives are still unfrequent)
    • Many thanks to Pierre Duhem for useful hints
  • dmg2img-1.3:
    19 September 2008 Jean-Pierre Demailly
    • Further fixes which (hopefully) enable dmg2img to work on dmg archives of arbitrary size, while reducing RAM usage a lot
    • A lot of thanks to Alfred E. Hegge and Randy Broman for testing and reporting bugs
  • dmg2img-1.2:
    17 September 2008 Jean-Pierre Demailly
    • Fixed segfault bug due to buffer overflow (buffer sizes incorrectly set, resulting in insufficient memory allocation)
    • Fixed most compilation warnings – remaining ones are irrelevant with standard compilers
    • Big thanks to Alfred E. Hegge and Randy Broman for bug reports
  • dmg2img-1.1:
    4 August 2008 Jean-Pierre Demailly
    • Fixed segfault bug occurring when decompressing certain dmg files beyond the actual end of the file (due to not correctly setting the size of the compressed parts)
    • Added slightly modified vfdecrypt utility from Weinmann-Appelbaum-Fromme in order to decrypt encrypted dmg files
  • dmg2img-1.0:
    7 August 2007 Jean-Pierre Demailly
    • Initial version


dmg2img [-l] [-p N] [-s] [-v] [-V] [-d] <input.dmg> [<output.img>]


latest [win32 binary] [source code] [readme]


2013-08-19 13:10:13

how config dmg2img 1.6.5 on cent os?

2015-05-22 03:16:35

Hi, thanks for dmg2iso. Actually it seems that everything works when starting dmg2iso, but i cant find the .iso file after.

Any suggestions regarding that?



2015-05-22 03:19:41

Found it:)

2017-06-29 13:11:10

is working with newer dmg macOS 10.10 to 10.12 ?

anybody has tried ?

2018-04-04 08:35:30

How do you work with a split dmg? Like disk.001.dmg, disk.002.dmg

2019-04-30 19:08:50

McAfee reports the dmg2img Win32 download is unsafe:

Woah, that download is dangerous!

We found that there might be viruses, spyware or potentially unwanted programs in the file you are trying to download.

Nope, not doing it…

2020-02-03 03:00:14

It’s not unsafe (it’s a false positive)

Walter White
2022-12-16 09:52:25

you do realize McAfee is a virus?

2023-02-09 11:55:50



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