This is an application filter for Microsoft ISA Server 2004/2006 that gives you an option of specifying an IP address for outgoing TCP connections. The IP address sure has to be bound to an interface that will be used for initiating this connection. A common scenario where you would need this is a mail server published on a non-default alias IP address. You would want the connections initiated by that mail server to be originated from the IP address that back-resolves to what you have in the MX record for the domain.

Installation and Configuration

Application filter can only be installed on a computer running Microsoft ISA Server 2004/2006. Management snap-in can be installed on a Windows XP/2003 (x86 and x64) and obviously you need ISA Server Management installed to use it. Installation of application filter requires a Microsoft Firewall service restart, although you have an option not to do so at the time if install. You will have to restart it manually in that case. For the snap-in to be loaded you need to restart ISA Server Management snap-in.

To make use of a filter you need to enable it for a protocol, create an allow-rule with it and then click Configure BindTo menu item in the context menu of this rule. You will be presented with a single textbox where you can put the IP address in. Specifying empty value, or any IP address that is not assigned to an interface the connection will be initiated from is equivalent to disabling the filter for this rule.

Known Issues

Currently BindTo filter works only when it’s the only active filter for the rule.


Version 1.0:

BindTo.msi [118 KB] (sha1: f55cbd520f3936e84acc955e0035d0bd580e65d6)

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